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Trade Account Application

Regular and repeat customers can apply to become a Trade Account/ On Account customer. This option is for our regular customers who buy throughout the month or each month.

Trade account customers start as prepaid customers. After you have made several purchases with us, you can request to become a On Account customer. On Account customers are able to pay for their purchases on the 20th of the month following.

Please note: On Account is like having a line of credit and so depending on level of trade spend, you may also need to complete a personal guarantee form. Personal Guarantees need to be given by all owners/ directors of the business against their own personal assets.


To apply for a trade account complete our form.

We use this address to send items to you. Make sure you include your postcode.
Please note: We may ask for additional security and further information for accounts over $5,000
Name of Person Completing This Form *
We will invoice by email and require an email address for this. This address will be the default service email address for NZ Fibreglass Ltd.
This is in case we need to call about unpaid invoices.
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