Vac Checker – Digital Vacumn Gauge



This high precision digital vacuum gauge is perfect for highly sensitive testing of vacuum bags and vacuum equipment in composites applications.

Vac Checker can be used to perform a reliable vacuum ‘drop-test’ in a fraction of the time of a typical mechanical instrument.

Additional Info:

  • The Gauge can be toggled to display vacuum in most of the common scales: mbar, Torr, mmHg, inHg, Micron, Pa, hPa and inH2O
  • Along with the vacuum level it also displays the boiling point of water this is a useful feature as when the vacuum level increases the boiling point decreases, on large infusion stacks there is often a stall in the vacuum pull down around this boiling point as the laminate dries out, knowing that it is not drawing past this boiling point will indicate that the stall is likely caused by moisture and not a leak.
    • Not to be confused with similar products intended for the HVAC industry as these will only provide readings at the near-absolute range making them significantly less useful for composites.

How to use:

The Vac Checker is typically connected to one of the resin feed lines in resin infusion to a flying hose and quick-release coupling for prepreg processes, the checker can be used to monitor the vacuum pull down, once the vacuum level has stabilised a drop test can be performed by isolating the vacuum pump and monitoring the vacuum level, the precision on the digital gauge will show a drop in vacuum in under a minute where a traditional mechanical gauge requires the test to be performed over 30mins or more for reliable results.

This gauge can also be used to periodically check the performance of vacuum pumps and the integrity of centralised vacuum systems and peripherals such as degassing chambers and catch-pots.