Translucent Pigment


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Use these PSTF Pigments with clear urethanes, epoxies, and polyester resins to achieve beautiful transparent colours.

17 Colours:

  • Jet Black
  • Smoke Grey
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Fluorescent Lime
  • Avocado Green
  • Turquoise
  • Red
  • Scarlet Red
  • Shocking Pink
  • Ruby Red
  • Violet
  • Mandarine
  • Fluorescent Orange
  • Aztec Gold
  • Olive Brown
  • Autumn Brown

When adding a liquid pigment to a resin system we suggest you use no more than 5% of the total amount of resin, as a higher percentage may prevent the resin from curing properly.

These dyes may be used to achieve a highly transparent finish (optically clear), or when a higher percentage is added it may achieve a more translucent finish (still maintains clarity but no longer optically clear).

A great example of this is when pigment is added to a coating epoxy vs a casting epoxy. When the resin is poured at only a few mm thick, the colour may appear less intense or vibrant compared to a casting application that may be anywhere from 5mm-100mm+ deep.

PSTF dyes work very well in conjunction with powder pigments such as the Pearl-Ex range of mica powders, and the PolyColor powder pigments. A great example of this is when a project requires a powder pigment, but as these do not disperse and dissolve into the resin, you may use a dye to create a base tone rather than leaving it clear.

This can create dimension within the resin pour or re-enforce the powder pigments tone. For example, PSTF in Turquoise mixed with Pearl-Ex Turquoise creates a rich turquoise finish.

A colourless powder pigment may be used with any PSTF to create a metallic finish in the tone of your choice.