MEKP Catalyst For Vinyl Ester


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MEKP is used to catalyse your gelcoat, flowcoat, polyester resin and vinyl ester resin.

Key Info:

  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
  • Mixing ratio is between 1.5% and 3% by weight
    • example:
      • 2% is 1kg resin to 20g of MEKP
      • 2% is 100g resin to 2g MEKP

Available in:

  • 25G
    • enough to catalyse 1kg
  • 100G
    • enough to catalyse 4kg
  • 400G
    • enough to catalyse 20KG
  • 5kg
    • enough to catalyse 220KG


Additional Info:

MEKP is a restricted product and classed as a Dangerous Good.  We can ship up to 100G using a regular courier service. Our 400G and 5KG packs will be sent through our Chemical Courier service and will require a shipping quote.

Note 1: Dangerous Goods Handling Fees apply to this product and are charged at the checkout as part of freight.  This fee is charged by the courier service.

Note 2: We are not sorry to handle Dangerous Goods correctly.  If you are getting your product without DG fees, then ask some questions because this product is marked as Dangerous for a reason.

Note 3: For pick up orders, we can only give out a maximum of 10KG unless you have a Dangerous Goods endorsement on your licence.