Iso Polyester Resin


Iso Polyester Resin is generally used in mould making because of its extreme durability. Isophthalic polyester resin also can be used where superior water resistance is desirable. This resin does not have to be used in mold making but, if you want to use it for general resin application the final coat needs to have the wax added (tack free additive).
Key Info:
  • Isophthalic
  • Wax free
  • Good for corrosion resistance and strength retention at elevated temperatures
Available in:
  •  1kg (includes 25ml MEKP)
  • 4kg (includes 100ml MEKP)
  • 20kg (includes 400ml MEKP)
  • 210kg
    • You will need to purchase MEKP seperately