Gun Rovings – Small Pallet


Our gun rovings are E-Glass fibres in a continuous spool.  These are designed for use with a chopper gun for fast production of larger projects. Can also be used in a laminate to reinforce edges and other difficult areas.

When fed into a chopper gun, the continuous strand is chopped into smaller pieces and fed onto the bed of a mould. The laminate resin mixture is then rolled to remove air. The result is a very strong laminate commonly used for boat hulls, motorhome parts and swimming pools.

Available by the “cheese” (approx 18KG).

Key Information:

  • Weight
    • 864kg Small Pallet
    • 48 Cheeses
  • Filament Diametre
    • 13mm
  • Tex
    • 2400

Compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and polyurethane resins.