Gelcoat – White – Spraying Grade



Our white gelcoat is a polyester product with fillers and pigment for colouring.  The fillers allow the gelcoat to spread in an even layer across moulds.

Key Info:

  • Coverage:
    • Applied at 0.5mm 1KG will cover 2 Square Metres
    • Note: 2 coats of gelcoat is the norm
  • Gelcoat dries tacky so that it is ready to fibreglass over the top of
    • Use a flowcoat for a hard wax finish
  • Spraying Grade

Available in:

  • 1kg
  • 4kg
  • 20kg

Additional Info:

  • Also available in BRUSHING GRADE

Quick Technical Info:

  • Mixing Ratio
    • Mix in MEKP at a ratio of 1.5%-3%. Use scales as this ratio is based on weight not volume
  • Pot-life/ Working Time
    • 16-25 minutes (2% MEKP)
  • Ambient Conditions
    • 18-20C
    • Gelcoat is made to work between 15C and 30C but working time and curing time changes outside the 18-20C range
  • Backing up time
    • Typically at 2% MEKP the gelcoat can be backed up for the next resin layer after a minimum of two hours curing